450 g/1 lb. plain flour
  1 level tsp. salt
  50 g/2 oz. butter
  15 g/1/2 oz. fresh yeast
  150 ml/1/4 pt. lukewarm water
  150 ml/1/4 pt. lukewarm milk
     Sift flour and salt into bowl.  Rub in butter.  Mix yeast to
  smooth and creamy liquid with a little of the warm water.  Blend in
  rest of water and milk.  Add all at once to dry ingredients.  Mix to
  firm dough, adding a little extra flour, if necessary, until dough
  leaves sides of bowl clean.  Turn out onto lightly floured board.
  Knead 10 minutes (or until smooth and elastic).  Cover and leave to
  rise until dough doubles in size.  Turn out onto floured board.
  Knead lightly and shape into ball.  Roll out to 2 cm/1/4 inch thick
  round, transfer to lightly buttered and floured baking tray and
  dredge with plain flour.  Cover and leave to rise until double in
  size.  Lightly dent top of Bap in 3 places with fingers (to prevent
  blistering).  Bake just about center of moderately hot oven (200
  C/400 F or Gas No. 6) for 20 to 25 minutes.  Cool on wire rack.