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       Title: No-knead bread
  Categories: Breads, Low-Fat, Mcdougall
       Yield: 2 servings
   7 1/2 c  Whole-wheat flour
       2 tb Active dry yeast
       1 tb Molasses; unsulphered
       4 c  Water; warm
   Recipe by: McDougall Plan Put flour in a large bowl. Place in a warm oven
   for 30 minutes to warm flour and bowl to 110 degrees (1 1/2 minutes in
   microwave). Dissolve yeast in 1 cup warm water (110 degrees). Add molasses
   and mix well. Let rest about 3 minutes. Then, add the yeast mixture and the
   remaining water (3 cups, warm). Mix well by stirring or use one hand to mix
   in bowl. Do no Knead. Dough will be sticky. Use non-stick pans or lightly
   oil two large loaf pan (9“x5”x3"). Sprinkle with cornmeal. Spoon dough
   mixture into pans. Smooth top with hand dampened with water to prevent
   sticking. Cover with towel. Place in a warm spot. Let rise about 1 hour or
   until dough reaches top of pans. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Bake for 20
   minutes. Reduce heat to 350 degrees. Bake 30-40 minutes longer. Remove pans
   from oven, tip pans on sides, and let cool on racks for 15 minutes. Remove
   loaves from pans and continue to cool before storing. Bread is moist, so
   keep best in refrigerator.
   HELPFUL HINTS: Recipe may be doubled to make four loaves. Refrigerate or
   freeze extra loaves until ready to use. Other flours may be used in place
   of 1.5 cups whole wheat, such as brown rice flour, garbanzo flour, or
   barley flour. Use of nonstick pans is recommended.
   From the collection of Sue Smith, S.Smith34, Uploaded June 16, 1994