3 c. flour
  3 tsp. baking powder
  1 c. sugar
  Pinch of salt
  3 eggs
  1 tsp. vanilla
  3 tsp. lemon juice
  5 oz. oil
  Chocolate chips (optional)
    Mix the dry ingredients together in a large bowl.  Make a well in
  the middle of the dry ingredients and beat the eggs, vanilla, lemon
  juice and oil into it.  Separate the dough into 3 equal amounts.
  Then roll one portion at a time into a rectangle approximately 12
  inches long.  Sprinkle the dough, down the center, with cinnamon,
  sugar, nuts, raisins and chocolate chips.  Then fold the edges in
  toward the middle.  Bake on greased cookie sheets for 30 to 40
  minutes at 350 degrees.  Then remove them from the oven and cut them
  diagonally into 1 inch wide strips, so that they become cookies.
  You then return them to the oven and bake 5 minutes more or until
  toasted.  HINT:  To get the filled dough onto the cookie sheet,
  flour 2 spatulas and quickly flip the dough onto the cookie sheet.