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       Title: Olive Focaccia
  Categories: fatfree, hand made
       Yield: 1 serving
   Use a firmer dough than the one used for the Rustic Bread (See recipe).
   Do not use
   Yeast. Only a large amount of starter.  Mix well.  Add some water if
   necessary.  The dough should reach a 75-78 F temperature.  The dough
   be sticky but not wet. Process 5 more minutes. Add fresh thyme, chopped
   Moroccan olives and Kalamata olives. Let is rest for 5-10 minutes. Finish
   kneading by hand, on floured board.  Gather the dough, rolling edges
   underneath again and again until the ball is smooth and rounded. Let it
   2-3 hours, covered with plastic, in slightly oiled bowl. Dough is ready
   it does not spring back (See above) When volume has doubled, refrigerate
   overnight. the following day,m let temperature reach 72-74 F. Indent top
   loaf with a knife. Bake for 45 minutes according to Rustic Bread
   instructions above.
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