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 Serving Size  : 2    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Breads                           German
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
      1/2   c            Chopped candied citron
      1/4   c            Chopped candied angelica
      1/2   c            Golden raisins
                         :Boiling water
    8       tb           Butter
    2       pk           Dry yeast
    1       c            Milk -- warmed
    1       t            Salt
    2                    Eggs -- slightly beaten
      2/3   c            Granulated sugar
      1/2   ts           Mace
      1/4   ts           Ground cardamom
    5 1/2   c            All-purpose flour (about)
      3/4   c            Chopped blanched almonds
    2       tb           Confectioners' sugar
   PREHEAT OVEN TO 350F. Combine the citron, angelica and
   raisins in a small bowl, pour boiling water over to
   cover, then stir and let stand. Melt the butter and
   let cool to lukewarm. Sprinkle the yeast over the milk
   in a large bowl, stir, and let stand a few minutes to
   dissolve. Add the salt, eggs, butter, granulated
   sugar, mace and cardamom, and mix well. Add 2 cups of
   the flour and beat vigorously until smooth. Add 3 more
   cups flour, 1 cup at a time, beating well after each.
   After adding the last cup, beat until the dough holds
   together in a shaggy ball. Turn out onto a lightly
   floured surface and knead for a minute or 2,
   sprinkling on more flour if necessary to keep it from
   being too sticky. Let rest for 10 minutes. Drain the
   fruits and raisins in a strainer and press firmly to
   remove excess water.
   Sprinkle the fruit and nuts over the dough, and resume
   kneading until the dough is smooth and elastic. Add a
   little more flour as necessary to keep it from being
   too sticky. Place in a greased bowl, and turn the
   dough about to coat all surfaces. Cover and let rise
   until double in bulk. (This dough is especially rich,
   and the first rise might take as long as 3 hours,
   depending on the temperature of your kitchen.) Punch
   the dough down and divide in half. Shape and pat each
   piece into an oval about 10 inches long and 4 1/2
   inches at the widest part. Fold almost in half the
   long way, bringing the upper edge only about 2/3 of
   the way over, so the bottom edge extends beyond the
   top. Place the loaves on a greased baking sheet,
   leaving several inches between them. Cover lightly and
   let rise for 45 minutes. Bake in a preheated 350F oven
   for about 40-to-45 minutes, until nicely browned.
   Remove from the oven and dust with the confectioners'
   sugar sprinkled through a sieve, then transfer to
   racks to cool. Makes 2 Loaves
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