Who is RecipeSource?

RecipeSource is one of the oldest recipe sites on the Internet. Our collection was started in 1993 by Jennifer Snider when she discovered the wonders of Usenet newsgroups & Internet mailing lists as a student at the University of California at Berkeley. She started saving recipes posted to those sources and soon amassed thousands of recipes. When her friends found out about the collection, we encouraged her to put them on the web, and she agreed, provided we helped her. After several months of hard work, the recipes first appeared on the web in 1995 as SOAR: The Searchable Online Archive of Recipes. From our start with around 10,000 recipes we've grown the collection to 7 times that size, and had our pages accessed millions of times from around the world. Thanks to our popularity, by 2001 we'd outgrown our original home, so moved the collection here to RecipeSource.com.

The current RecipeSource Team is:

  • Jennifer Snider Coopersmith
  • Alan Coopersmith
  • Kenji Hubbard
  • Elaine Chao
Please remember these are all volunteers, donating their spare time to the project.

Want to know more?

We get lots of mail every day, and while we love the feedback on the site, we don't have time to answer every question we're asked. Since some of the same questions are asked over and over, please read our Answers to Frequently Asked Questions page before e-mailing us.